Dee Soderstrom | The Good Morning Beautiful Project

The message of the Good Morning Beautiful Project is that you are beautiful the moment you wake up.

Your beauty doesn't come as a result of something you put in your hair or apply to your face. The source of your beauty isn't something you bought at a store. Your beauty is an inherent aspect of who you are. It reveals itself through your strength, vulnerability, creativity, bravery, confidence and individuality.

The way it works is that I arrange to photograph a person when they first wake up: before their hair is combed, before they wash their face and put on makeup, and before they change into their “being seen in public” clothes.

These individuals aren't models. They are just regular people who want to make a difference in the way our society views beauty.

The Project is still in its infancy, but I will continue adding photographs as it develops.

Peace and Much Love to you!